A Girl From Fiction (girlfromfiction) wrote in nixfansofdoom,
A Girl From Fiction

A Keys to the Kingdom RP?

I never saw a single "Keys to the Kingdom" RPG as I searched through Google and Yahoo! So I was wondering if anyone would like to join. It's a mutifandom/original RPG and you don't really HAVE to read the series. Info's all under the LJ cut!


About five years ago, a mortal called Arthur failed to claim all the keys. The House slowly crumbled away into Nothing. But there's about to be a second chance: The Architect came back and reversed the House to what it was 1000 years ago....

 Inside the House, there are seven domains each ruled by a leader with a code name of one of the days of the week. The House are a constant battlefield, ruled by the seven days, now bitter enemies in the struggle for territory.

  Whose side will you be on? Or perhaps you’d rather be one of the mortal candidates for the new heir after the previous on had failed?

 Opening on October 16th.

About the House


Rules and Expectations


The Community: morrow_keys 
The Main Account morrowkeysmod 

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March 10 2009, 11:38:16 UTC 9 years ago

I have read almost every single Garth Nix book but i am waiting on him to come out with the last book of 2 series.