jeanne (gryphonclaw) wrote in nixfansofdoom,


i thought if anyone could really appreciate these, it would be you guys:
this is one of my newest tattoos, i got it a few months ago but forgot to post it here:

there are 7 bells of course, they wrap over halfway around my wrist so theres really no way to get a picture of the whole tattoo, lol. but its my favorite tattoo so far, i love it.

and next my kitten (almost a cat now, really, he's getting so big!):

who is of course named Mogget. he sleeps about as much as mogget, and is just as annoying with food-stealing, but he is much nicer. and unfortunately, he doesn't speak human. BUT he speaks cat, a lot. he is the most talkative cat i have ever met, ever since he was a tiny baby, he would just run around the room playing and yowling and meowing and making all sorts of noise.

as soon as i finish my second go at making my sabriel costume, i will post that up here too ;)
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