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I'm not sure if many of you are on the mailing list for Garth Nix's website, but I got a gem today with a link to this:

Nix to pitch Sabriel film package for Hollywood

MEGASELLING FANTASY AUTHOR Garth Nix is poised to take Hollywood by storm. He has assembled an A-list dream team in order to bring Sabriel, the first book in his Old Kingdom trilogy, to the screen. The group will pitch the package to studios later this month via Steve Fisher at APA. Nix is co-writing the screenplay with Dan Futterman, actor and Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Capote, and Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner at Plan B (Brad Pitt's company) will produce. The director will be Anand Tucker (Shopgirl, Hilary and Jackie).

I myself am incredibly apprehensive, but that's because many book-to-film adaptations don't properly represent their book origins. Though, the article does mention that Nix majored in screenwriting in college and will be co-writing the script. Any thoughts here?
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