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nixfansofdoom's Journal

garth nix's crazy fans
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joooooin usss....read any of garth nix's books? want to...? well, join! just.....join!!!!!!!

purpose: to talk about garth nix's wonderful books, or even the guy himself! come on, gush your fangirl/boiness everywhere.
permitted: anything garth nix related. and i do mean anything. quizzes, drawings, essays, stories, scanned pics of signed stuff, random stuff about the books, etc etc. just no porn/spam, pleez. i doubt there's much garth nix porn. scary.
join if: you love garth nix or like any of his books. alsp if you're even remotely interested in finding out more info 'n stuff. we're a pretty welcoming community!
pictures: if you're gonna post pictures, please only post one. if you have large pictures or if you're going to post multiple ones, use the lj-cut code (find it in the faq)

your maintainer is midnightvertigo (ender). love meeeee.

oh, i made all the icons. if you like them and want one, just email me or comment in my journal. n.n i'm more than happy to make you one.